Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Press!

An article about the Oregon Quilt Project appears in the May issue of Country Pleasures Magazine. The article, by Liz Windust, offers the perspective of a quilt owner participating in the recent Oregon Quilt Project documentation at the Willamette Heritage Center and Mission Mill Museum. Thank you, Liz, for the good press! To enlarge the article, just click on the image. 

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  1. It's now April 2012 and the Oregon Quilt Projectr is regrouping and restructuring. By-laws have been written which will give structure to the group. An umbrella non-profit organization has been approached and we are waiting their Board approval to be a project within their organization. This will allow contributions to the Oregon Quilt Project (OQP) to be considered as tax deductions for our contributors. We are reaching out to quilt guilds across the state to take the lead in documenting quilts and quilters within their areas. We hope to identify small documentation teams within different parts of the state Check again soon for more information.