Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Two Favorites

OQP # 2010-02-035 - rescued by owner, who pulled it from a trash dumpster.

By Lori DeJarnatt

I was so pleased when Bill and Martha asked me to be a guest blogger on the OQP site. They thought it would be beneficial to have a participants' perspective. I'm qualified only because I love quilts and believe in the importance of documenting Oregon's quilting heritage. (I think I'm getting better at hanging quilts too!)
Last Saturday was my second day spent volunteering with the Oregon Quilt Project!! I'm hoping for more opportunities to help in the future. It was a great day and we saw some awesome quilts and heard some terrific stories. So let's get to it!! Here are a few of my favorites.

OQP # 2010-02-030 - Ocean Waves with printed background fabric.

I thought this Ocean Waves was interesting with the use of a printed background. It was a traditional pattern done in an untraditional way. The variety of fabric was astounding!

The Double T quilt (pictured at top) was rescued from the trash.  Can you even begin to think about this beauty in the dumpster!!? I hope the quilt project raises awareness to non quilters about the historical value of quilts!!

Because I was helping with the photography I didn't hear the story about this signature quilt (below). Bill figured out it had about 800+ embroidered signatures!!  

OQP # 2010-02-036 - Signature quilt, made in Portland and written in German

This graphic postage stamp quilt (below) was one of my favorites. The patches finish at  7/8"! I'm pretty sure it was made before strip piecing!! Amazing!!

OQP # 2010-02-041 - postage stamp patchwork quilt with a multitude of fabrics

My favorite story of the day is from the maker of a yellow nine-patch strip quilt. A mom and daughter brought several quilts in to be documented. The "mom"  started this quilt when she was 11 years old!! She was the cutest lady (I think we all would have loved to have her as a grandma)  and really enjoyed telling us about her quilts. These are the stories we need preserved!!

Do these ladies look like they take their job seriously or what? They are very knowledgeable and actually record in writing all the pertinent information about the quilt.

I encourage you all to be a part of the Oregon Quilt Project. There are many opportunities to volunteer or bring in a quilt or two to be documented. Do you know someone who has a quilt that should be a part of this project? Check the calendar and participate in the Oregon Quilt Project.

Lori DeJarnatt started quilting around 1983, before her first child was born. She took her first quilt class with Jean Wells at the Stitchin' Post in 1993, and was inspired. After being exposed to quilts, Lori started noticing older quilts and all their fun, “make-do” quirks. She appreciates all kinds of quilts, but her favorites are the old ones. Lori blogs about quilts on her personal blog, called “Humble Quilts”. To visit Lori’s blog, click here.

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