Monday, March 29, 2010


Yesterday the Oregon Quilt Project held its fourth quilt documentation training day in Eugene, and the session included “mockumentations” of some very interesting quilts. A “mockumentation” is a mock documentation, and we tested ourselves by viewing quilts and recording information on the OQP Physical Data Forms.

We started the day by presenting Martha Spark with an antique brass name stencil found on eBay. When we first saw the stencil we thought, “this really has Martha’s name on it.” The name on the stencil: Martha Briggs. Close enough! Martha was thrilled. 

About halfway through the session, we began looking at quilts and started with a very appealing 1940’s flower basket quilt, followed by an early 1900’s redwork quilt, a 1940’s double irish chain and a nine-patch on point with applied beard guard, and a related 36-patch quilt top. Fascinating! The group had great questions and a lively discussion.

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